The Key Keeper

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Do you find yourself losing your keys constantly? After extensive research in our Secret Labs, we’ve determined the cause of this behavior. Your key’s have no “Mental Value” and to end this, the only solution is to add some sort of “Key Totem” to make your brain more aware of your keys, trust us its science. Our Key Keeper is Designed to add much needed “Mental Value” to your keys, and are very easy to use.

Step one: Purchase Key Keeper

Step Two: Add Your Keys

Step Three: Stop Losing your keys.

Follow steps as described and we guarantee you wont ever lose your keys again.

Three Versions available, Raw Vegtan (Shown Left) will eventually age to look like the one on the right, but now you can skip forward through time and order the pre-dyed and treated version too (Shown Right) for that gorgeous aged leather look. Order MYSTERY COLOR and you will receive a color of our choice. We can’t tell you what it is, but it definitely wont be one of the other two options. The choice is yours.

Handmade in Shhh Secret Shop San Francisco CA

Leather Finish:
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